Data Quality, a major objective in EAD

One of the major objectives of the EAD is the improvement of the quality of data. Data quality will continue to increase as all parties use standardised rules and procedures, implemented at system level, and ensure cross-border consistency. Additionally, other quality improvement steps have been taken to ensure that errors, which where not detected during input, in the EAD are identified and rectified, thus enhancing the quality of the data contained in EAD.

In order to ensure the highest levels of quality of the whole EAD, the data contained within the EAD is reviewed in accordance with the Service Provider QMS. This does not only include the data processed by the EAD Service Provider but it also includes the data updated by the migrated Data Providers. Furthermore for each error, the severity will be determined according to a specific classification which is based upon the potential risk resulting from the corruption of data and upon the use to which the item data is put as defined in ICAO Annex 15, item 3.2.8 and Appendix 7. In case of an original or Data Provider error, the relevant Data Provider and/or originating State are informed while all other errors are corrected by the EAD Service Provider.

Rigorous quality checking procedures have been put in place to ensure that the quality of the data within the whole EAD is of the highest level. The standardization of data input rules, together with data checking and rectification, are and will remain therefore one of the major focal points of everyone involved in the EAD to ensure, in time and relevant delivery of aeronautical information.