EAD Pro for Data Users


EAD Pro for Data Users is a suite of specially-designed software applications offering access to all EAD services. These include access to:

SDO - validated static data based on AICM/AIXM specifications, including the Graphical Tool
INO - worldwide NOTAM information, including the Graphical Tool
PAMS - the ECAC AIP Library

Connecting through EAD Pro is subject to signing the standard EAD Data User Agreement. Each EAD service is separately available on a license fee basis and is augmented by a maintenance contract providing annual releases of the software, supplied by a private company.

EAD Pro is designed for mid-size and business aircraft operators and can be installed on a PC or is accessible over a secure internet connection using SSL technology.

More information regarding EAD Pro can be found on the EAD general website: European AIS Database


Access to EAD Pro

Professional users can access all functionalities of the EAD through EAD Pro. A dedicated team will assist you with the integration of the EAD into your daily operations. Prior to your connection, an EAD Data User Agreement needs to be signed between your organisation and EUROCONTROL.

To bring EAD into your daily operations, fill in the following form: EAD Service Request