Generating NOTAM List

Note: A NOTAM displayed in the NOTAM List can contain hyperlinks depending on the "PIB NOTAM Hyperlinks" settings in both the HTML and PDF versions. This setting can be enabled / disabled by using the Corporate Identity (CI) application.

This function is available only to INO DU Data Users.

Step 1 (Open Screen)

From the Reports Menu, select NOTAM List.

Step 2 (Select NOF)

Note: For users assigned to an NOF, the NOF code is displayed in the ICAO field by default. To generate the NOTAM List of another NOF its code must be entered in the ICAO field.  

In the ICAO field, enter the four-letter ICAO location indicator of the NOF targeted for NOTAM List creation and press the Enter key. The Series field will now contain all Series defined for the selected NOF. (To display the Series, click on the arrow).

Click the "Find" button to search the list of all NOF currently stored in the database.

NOTAM Summary Screen - Select NOF

After clicking "Find", the NOTAM Office Selection Dialog is displayed.

To search for a NOF by ICAO code or by NOF name, enter a letter or part of an ICAO code/NOF name into the ICAO Code or Name fields (for example, E in the ICAO Code field or ED in the Name field) and click "Find".

If "Find" is clicked with the field left blank, the list displays all NOF that are stored in the database. Select a NOF by placing the cursor into the line and click the "Accept" button.

The selected NOF is transferred to the main screen.

NOTAM Office Selection Dialog

Step 3 (Select Series)

Click the arrow in the Series field, to display all NOTAM Series that exist for the selected NOF.

Select a Series.

NOTAM Summary Screen - Select Series

Step 4 (Generate NOTAM List)

Click "Generate" to create the NOTAM List.

Note: The layout of the NOTAM List header depends on the NOF the list is generated for.

 The example below shows the header of a NOTAM List created for a default ICAO code. The header displays the country name and general NOF data, (postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address).

NOTAM Summary Example

 The below example shows a NOTAM List created for a NOF to which the user is not assigned to.

In the lower section of the NOTAM List, a document section contains the Latest AIP Amendments, AIP Supplement in force and AIC Series in force. If no series is assigned to an AIC the title “AIC in force” is used for the affected AICs.

Step 5 (Optional: Send NOTAM List)   

The NOTAM list can be sent along via multiple distribution media. To send the NOTAM list to one or more recipients, click the mail symbol (). The Distribute dialog opens:

Note:   The SMS and FAX fields are only available for an organization with a configured SMS / FAX gateway.

The dialog can be used for editing multiple media type contact information fields at once. Several contacts can be entered into each field separated by commas, semicolons or by being placed on a new line (Hitting Enter).

After successfully sending the NOTAM list to the specified addresses, the following message is displayed: