ICAO Flight Planning modifications for 2012


EUR Implementation Plan

The EUR Implementation Plan has been developed by EUROCONTROL and presented to ICAO in December 2009.

The recommended approach is to respect the implementation date of 15 November 2012 (AIRAC number 1212), minimising any transitional period during which 'New' and 'Present' FPL contents may be used operationally in a mixed mode.

After in-depth debate of the proposed plan, in the interest of having a common approach for the whole community, it was pointed out to States to look into the possibility to dedicate AIRAC 1212 amendment to only New ICAO FPL Requirements.

EAD Implementation

EAD INO DU Briefing Facility changes which are required to achieve compliance with Amendment 1, as well as the deployment-related requirements, are described in the "EAD Briefing Facilities - 2012 ICAO New FPL Requirements" document. This document has been officially released on 24 September 2010. The nature and scope of this document is to specify a new content definitions, new syntax and semantic checks, changes of functionality resulting from the new or additional flight plan indicators in order to facilitate the deployment of the new flight planning provisions.


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