After the implementation of AIXM 4.5 to the EAD, the need for a new and improved SDO Input Manual for EAD Data Providers was identified, as the previous guidance materials were no longer relevant and maintenance proved to be challenging. In addition to this, Data Providers also needed to consult a number of different sources to get an overview on how to enter their static data. With the introduction of SIGMA, SDO Input Guidance Manual, a more flexible approach is chosen, offering a combination of up to date guidance and reference materials as well as easy access for everyone concerned.

SIGMA provides a single point of entry to all relevant SDO data maintenance information. It is a support tool for EAD Data Providers during their migration process to the EAD as well as for operational data maintenance. This new manual is a CMS based system and covers complementary static data encoding rules part of AICM/AIXM rules with some additional EAD/SDO specific rules. Additionally, it gives references regarding where to find data in the AIP and other relevant information and is applicable for both ECIT and ESI clients.

As such, SIGMA addresses the EAD Data Providers need for a single access to all material supporting them in the static data maintenance, enabling them to enter AIS data and better understand the aeronautical information provision into SDO.

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