Latest data available, as per 24th of May 2018.

Country Latest updates
Albania (LA) 26-APR-2018  
Armenia (UD) 26-APR-2018  
Azerbaijan (UB) 07-DEC-2017  
Belarus (UM) 26-APR-2018  
Belgium & G.D. of Luxembourg (EB/EL) 24-MAY-2018  
Bosnia & Herzegovina (LQ) 24-MAY-2018  
Bulgaria (LB) 24-MAY-2018  
Canada (C) 24-MAY-2018  
Croatia (LD) 24-MAY-2018  
Cyprus (LC) 26-APR-2018  
Denmark (EK) 24-MAY-2018  
Estonia (EE) 24-MAY-2018  
Faeroe Islands (XX) 24-MAY-2018  
Finland (EF) 24-MAY-2018  
FYR of Macedonia (LW) 15-APR-2018  
Georgia (UG) 26-APR-2018  
Germany (ED) 24-MAY-2018  
German Military (ET) 24-MAY-2018  
Greenland (BG) 24-MAY-2018  
Hungary (LH) 24-MAY-2018  
Hungary MIL (LH) 10-NOV-2016  
Ireland (EI) 24-MAY-2018  
Jordan (OJ) 01-MAY-2018  
Kazakhstan (UA) 26-APR-2018  
Kyrgyz Republic (UC) 01-FEB-2018  
Latvia (EV) 24-MAY-2018  
Lithuania (EY) 26-APR-2018  
Malta (LM) 24-MAY-2018  
Moldova (LU) 29-MAR-2018  
Netherlands Military (EH) 24-MAY-2018  
Norway (EN) 24-MAY-2018  
Philippines (RP) 26-APR-2018  
Poland (EP) 24-MAY-2018  
Portugal (LP) 10-MAY-2018  
Romania (LR) 24-MAY-2018  
Serbia / Montenegro (LY) 24-MAY-2018  
Slovak Republic (LZ) 24-MAY-2018  
Slovenia (LJ) 24-MAY-2018  
Spain (LE) 24-MAY-2018  
Sweden (ES) 24-MAY-2018  
Turkey (LT) 24-MAY-2018  
Ukraine (UK) 24-MAY-2018


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