EAD Operations


Data held in the EAD is assured against a variety of standards and recommendations including ICAO, OPADD, ESARRs, SDP,
and the AICM/AIXM data models. The system and operational procedures are updated in accordance with changes in
applicable regulations. Regular data quality reviews and consistency checks are conducted on data loaded by both the EAD and clients to ensure consistency and improve procedures to minimise errors.

Additionally, the service availability of the EAD for the clients is covered by an SLA with the service provider, with an availability requirement of 99.975%. This is supported by the 24h operational and technical Service Desk enabling rapid dissemination of information on any issues identified.

This section of the website provides an insight on these operational aspects of the EAD. Data maintenance is explained in more detail together with an overview of the responsibilities regarding different services. Data quality is also discussed as well as an overview regarding the performances of the EAD, such as monthly system availability, number of availalble NOTAM, downloaded AIP's, to name just a few.