Data Maintenance

The European AIS Database - EAD makes available following types of data:

Original and processed international NOTAM (Notice to Airmen)

Static data used for NOTAM validation and PIB (Pre-Flight information bulletin) generation
ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) area
AIP (Aeronautical Information Publications), Amdt (Amendments) and Supplements,
AIC (Aeronautical Information Circulars), Charts and RAD
Complete static data contained in each migrated ECAC state's AIP

EAD is a reference source for your aeronautical data needs. EAD Basic allows pilots to check up on their planned routes, online, from their homes, offices or hotels. Every data user has access to the same information at all times, making route planning and forecasting easier and safer. EAD is faster, more secure and more accurate solution than previous non-harmonized methods of AIS data collection and delivery, and it increases the availability and accessibility of AIS information.

EAD will reach maximum effectiveness when all ECAC-based data providers will be fully migrated to EAD and thus self-maintain their complete aeronautical data set in each of the EAD subsystems (INO, SDO and PAMS).

Please click on the following links to view the tables for the current status in each area.