EAD Solutions 

The European AIS Database (EAD) is available through different solutions, adapted to everyones needs and budget. It offers standard aeronautical data reports, Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIBs) and Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) and is available via the web (EAD Basic), sophisticated applications installed on a dedicated terminal (EAD Pro) as well as B2B connections (MyEAD).

EAD Basic

EAD Basic is the database's Public Access Service application for private pilots, GA specialists and the general public. EAD Basic allows users to browse the database via the web - with instant access, anytime, anywhere.


EAD Pro is a suite of specially-designed software applications for mid-size and business aircraft operators. When installed on a PC, EAD Pro provides you access to all EAD services (SDO, INO, PAMS, BF) via a user-friendly, graphical interface.


MyEAD, the EAD system-to-system solution, allows client applications, which require aeronautical information, to access and exchange data seamlessly with the EAD by sending and receiving messages based on XML schemas. MyEAD requires the client to carry out some software development, based on Application Programming Interfaces (API) supplied by EUROCONTROL, to access all EAD functions.

Data Download

For clients who require defined batches of data, the EAD offers the ability to download files from the EAD Internet File Server. Download can be made at regular intervals, or by ad-hoc request through the EAD Service Desk from which the Client will receive a notification that the file has been made available.