What is EAD Basic?

EAD Basic is EAD's free Public Access Service application for the general public. The solution allows you to browse the European AIS Database (EAD) for a limited set of aeronautical information via the World Wide Web. EAD Basic is free of charge and can be accessed instantly, anytime and from anywhere.
The information accessible via EAD Basic is for general purposes only, For safety and security reasons, the data shall not be used for operational purposes.
After completing the registration form, you can login to EAD Basic and start using the following applications:


SDO Reporting
This application allows you to retrieve pre-defined standard aeronautical data reports. A list of pre-defined reports is available to choose from allowing you to query the database for specific aeronautical information.


Note: The SDO Reporting applicaiton requires JAVA to be installed on your computer.

square02.gif PIB [NOTAM]
The PIB [NOTAM] application enables you to generate Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) for:
  • aerodromes,
  • areas and special areas (based on airspace or centre point and radius)
  • routes, including aerodrome of departure/destination/alternate
    and overflown Flight Information Regions (FIR).


Note: This application can be accessed in both HTML (simple) and JAVA (advanced) mode.
square02.gif PAMS Light [AIP]
Browse and download the current effective version of Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP), AIP Supplements, AIP Amendments, Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs), chart publications and most recent versions of the Route Availability Document (RAD).


Note: This application can be accessed in both HTML (simple) and JAVA (advanced) mode.


How do you start using EAD Basic?

The quickest and easiest way to access EAD data is via this website.
New Users
If this is the first time you are accessing EAD Basic, please complete the free registration form through the link below. After submission, you will receive an automated email containing your access details. Then review the software requirements checklist as well as the Java Plug-in installation procedure, should you decide to access EAD Basic in advanced mode. By clicking on either of the links below, you will leave this website and enter the EAD Basic application.


arrow02.gif EAD Basic registration form (New Users)

Existing Users
If you have already a UserID and password to access EAD Basic, please login through the link below.

arrow02.gif Login to EAD Basic (Existing Users)

Technical specifications to access EAD Basic
Below you can find more information related to the use of EAD Basic.

Supported Operating System
EAD Basic runs on Internet Explorer 9. All previous IE browsers may still work but are no longer supported. EAD Basic will also run on FireFox 5. All other versions have not been verified, but may work as well.
Two working modes for EAD Basic
To guarantee easier access for everyone, EAD Basic can be accessed in 2 different modes:
  • EAD Basic “Simple Mode”: HTML
  • EAD Basic “Advanced Mode”: Java
You can choose whether you want to work with the “advanced” Java applications or with the “simple” HTML applications. The selection between “simple” or “advanced” access will be the criteria whether the installation of the Java plug-in is required or not. However, the look and feel of the data user applet does not change.
You can specify the access method through a parameter setting in your user profile. This setting can always be changed in the user profile area at any time after login. The default mode setting in existing user profiles will be “advanced”.

Java software
For EAD Basic Advanced mode, which still uses the Java Virtual Machine, Java version 1.6.0_27 is needed. For a trouble free user experience of the EAD Basic in Advanced Mode, it is therefore recommended that you ensure you have this version 1.6.0_27 installed on your computer.

Should you require more information or support, please contact us at
ead.basic [at] eurocontrol.int
(please copy/paste the address in your email program and remove the spaces - anti spam bot reasons)

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