Responsiblity for Data Maintenance


EAD (and all of its subsidiary applications such as EAD Basic) is owned by EUROCONTROL (the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), on behalf of its Member States.
In principle all participating ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) Member States' NOTAM, static data and AIP information is entered into and directly maintained in the EAD by each state's AIS (Aeronautical Information Service). Currently not all Member States have completed their full migration to the EAD. Through the links below, you can get an overview of the current migration status for each country.

  EAD Service Data Coverage
INO - International NOTAM Operations Worldwide
  SDM - Static Data Management Worldwide
  PAMS - Published AIP Managenment system  ECAC area

Additionally, the EAD maintains the worldwide (i.e. outside the ECAC area) processed and original NOTAM and some static data, to be used for NOTAM validation and PIB (Pre-flight Information Bulletin) generation.
Currently the EAD is also maintaining data (NOTAM, AIP and minimum static data for NOTAM validation and PIB generation) from all non-migrated (not yet connected to EAD) ECAC Member State's data providers. Data providers include AIS (Aeronautical Information Service) organisations within Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and military administrations; as well as designated organisations which maintain data that does not fall under the responsibility of national agencies.

EAD has taken on this role in order to ensure availability of aeronautical data from those states until they migrate. As soon as a Member State's data provider is fully migrated to EAD, that data provider becomes responsible for inserting, maintaining and correcting its national aeronautical information directly in EAD.


The table below shows the areas of responsibility by data type (i.e. when all ECAC states' data providers will be migrated to EAD).



Aeronautical Information Stored in EAD

Static Data Operation

International NOTAM Operations

Published AIP Management System (PAMS)


(by the EAD Service Provider)

Update of SDO minimum data set (from worldwide AIP, Amdt, supplements and PERM NOTAM) necessary for NOTAM validation and PIB generation

Processing and storage of worldwide international NOTAM, SNOWTAM and ASHTAM

no information stored


(by Member States)

Maintenance of full SDO data part of ECAC States' aeronautical publications

Maintenance of minimum SDO data and creation of international, national and military NOTAM, SNOWTAM and ASHTAM

Creation and storage

of AIP publications (AIP, Amdt, Suppl) and Circulars

The European AIS Database

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