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(software installed on a dedicated terminal)
EAD Pro is a suite of specially-designed PC-installed software providing you access to all EAD services (SDO, INO, PAMS, BF) via a user-friendly, graphical interface.

Note: For using EAD Pro on a non-ECIT machine after deployment of EAD R15, it is still necessary to have VPN connection established (e.g. Cisco VPN AnyConnect) and, in addition, to install appropriate versions of Java and OpenWebStart (consult "ECIT Client Configuration Document" and "Manual to Install the EAD Software Components").

The European AIS Database

For detailed information about EAD – including the latest news, events, training opportunities, and much more – see the EAD general website.

You will also find explanations of EAD's solutions for aeronautical industry specialists, including EAD Pro and MyEAD.

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AIS AGORA is the AIS/AIM Portal. It contains information and links to all AIS/AIM websites, points of contact and other relevant information.