MyEAD is the EAD system-to-system solution, allowing professional user applications, which require aeronautical information, to access and exchange data seamlessly with the EAD by sending and receiving messages based on XML schemas. The main MyEAD features for Data Users are:

SDO - validated static data based on AICM/AIXM specifications, including the Graphical Tool
INO - worldwide NOTAM information, including the Graphical Tool
PAMS - the ECAC AIP Library

MyEAD requires the client to carry out some software development, based on Application Programming Interfaces (API) supplied by EUROCONTROL, to access all EAD functions. A set of technical documents is available for developers to understand the MyEAD concept, create XML messages related to the different EAD components, and realise the software assessment.

Connecting through MyEAD is subject to signing the standard EAD Data User Agreement and depending on the use of the data can be subject to service and royalty charges.

More information regarding MyEAD can be found on the EAD general website: European AIS Database 

Access to MyEAD

Professional users that require a B2B solution can subscribe for MyEAD. A dedicated team will assist you with the integration of the EAD into your daily operations. Prior to your connection, an EAD Data User Agreement needs to be signed between your organisation and EUROCONTROL.

To bring EAD into your daily operations, fill in the following form: EAD Service Request

The European AIS Database

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You will also find explanations of EAD's solutions for aeronautical industry specialists, including EAD Pro and MyEAD.

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